Menu Labeling

The latest menu labeling law went into effect May 7, 2019, but rules have been relaxed during the pandemic. 

Operators are required to provide nutrition information on menu items, including foods on display and in self-service areas at chain restaurants or retail food stores with 20 or more locations. 

Restaurants with 20 or more locations operating under the same name should currently be complying with menu labeling regulations. May 7, 2018, was the official compliance date for the law -- but during the first year of implementation, the Food and Drug Administration focused on education and working cooperatively with establishments to help them comply with the menu labeling regulations. As of May 7, 2019, enforcement of the law is now in effect. 

The National Restaurant Association is working closely with the FDA to ensure fair, flexible enforcement of the new rules. Both the FDA and the Association continue to educate operators about what the law requires.

National Restaurant Association resources

FDA resources

The FDA has also developed an education module to help industry, regulators, and consumers understand the menu labeling regulations. This online module describes what types of establishments and types of foods are covered by the menu labeling regulations and how to comply. The FDA has also published fact sheets for industry on menu labeling and declaring calories.

The FDA offers addition information on the regulations:


The FDA can be contacted directly on this issue at

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